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Let's talk mentorship. One of KORAFF's key functions is to guide and support young adoptees. Our network of mentors is integral to this mission.


Acting as an extra-familial support system, our mentors fill diverse roles from tutor to friend. Each KORAFF mentor is trained to offer helpful and unique solutions for their adoptee's individual needs.


How does it work?

Mentors will be assigned to your family according to your needs and your location. Once assigned, arrangements with your mentor can be made by direct communication with him/her. We keep an open discourse with you, your adoptee, and their mentor in order to adapt and accommodate as your child grows and their needs change. If it turns out that your child and their mentor do not fit well with one another, you may request a different mentor.


Who are the KORAFF mentors?

Mentors are high school students who are usually fluent in both Korean and English. Under certain circumstances, middle school/college students or adults may also become mentors.

Mentors may serve a variety of roles depending on your child's needs. They may act as Korean tutors, assisting your children in furthering their command of the Korean language. They may also fill the role of an older brother/sister, offering support and a conversational partner. What your mentor does simply depends on your individual requirements.

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Request a mentor...

If you haven’t signed up to join KORAFF, we ask that you do so before requesting a mentor. You can sign up here. If you are requesting mentorship for 2 or more children, please include information and age for both individuals.

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