Who are we?

Korean Adoptee Family Foundation is a non-profit organization that has transformed the lives of hundreds of adoptive families and orphans in Korea and in the United States.


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What do we do?

KORAFF works with local and international partners to bridge cultural gaps and developmental needs for adopted children and their families. Here's how we do it...


Adoption Support

We are here to guide and support adoptive parents and their children. From navigating the adoption process to revisiting the birthland, we draw on years of experience aiding Korean adoptees and their parents.


Cultural Community

KORAFF is a community of parents, adoptees, mentors, and volunteers. We plan and sponsor events, trips, and gatherings with a goal to strengthen families through participation in a cultural community.



We provide assistance and education for adoptees through individual mentorship, free tutoring, and experiences thoughtfully crafted with adoptees in mind. Our mentor network is unique to the KORAFF community, and each year we are proud to see our early members return to mentor new Korean youth.


Get Involved...

We are only able to change the lives of Korean adoptees and their families through the support of our volunteers and generous donors.

We would love to work with you to continue improving and enriching the lives of both parents and adoptees.


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