KORAFF Founder, Susan S. Chung


In June 2010, Mrs. Chung established Korean Adoptee Family Foundation in Seattle, Washington to meet the complex needs of Korean adoptees and adoptive families. She is responsible for directing cultural events and culture camps for adoptees, as well as counseling teens and parents as they embark on their birth searches. Mrs. Chung also initiated and continues to organize KORAFF's life-changing birthland tours.

Through her gentle heart and passionate leadership, KORAFF has extended its services to reach out to hundreds of Korean adoptees and adoptive families in the United States.



Advisory Board Members

Matt Larson Mayor,

"KORAFF encourages adoptees and families to connect with open hearts and open mind. Activities are fun and casual so that everyone can explore the adoption experience based on their individual interest levels and goals."

Arik Korman  Adoptive Parent, KORAFF families member, 


"KORAFF is a tremendous resource for my family. We have been attending KORAFF events for nearly five years, since our son was 4, and we have greatly appreciated the Korean cultural awareness we have all gained, the community of other adoptee families and KORAFF volunteers, and the fun. We look forward to every KORAFF event". 


Tracy Dethlefs Adoptive Parent, KORAFF families member

Julie Heise Adoptive Parent, KORAFF Families

“KORAFF has been a warm and welcoming community that has helped our daughter stay in touch with her Korean roots. By sharing their culture, KORAFF members have developed a positive image of Korean Americans of Amelie and her friends.”

Roy Chung Advisor


What is KORAFF?


We are the Korean Adoptee Family Foundation. KORAFF strives to meet the needs of Korean adoptees and their adoptive families by providing important cultural resources that they otherwise would not have access to.


 Our Mission

Our mission is to assist internationally adopted children in developing their identities through enriching education programs relative to their country of birth and to gather and distribute information and resources to promote healthy adoptive families.



Who We Are

KORAFF is a student volunteers-run non-profit organization providing assistance to Korean adoptee families. KORAFF is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization recognized by IRS which strives to meet the needs of our Korean adoptees and families everyday.


How We Do It


KORAFF supports adopted persons from Korea – children, teens, and adults – in developing their identities through enriching educational programs in the U.S. and Korea. We work to bring together Korean adoptees and their families in a welcoming and fun environment, and to offer community, mentorship, and scholarships.

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Student Volunteers Commitee

We are indebted to the hard work and open hearts of our talented volunteers. We welcome volunteers and sponsors who have the hearts and passion to offer their talents and resources to assist Korean adoptees in building solid identities and relationships.

Yerin Chung

2019-20 President

Brian Lee

2019-20 President

Minwoo Eom

Korean Lessons

Brian Eom

Music Leader

Tiffany Choi

Nanta Leader


Jamie Paik


Ryan Ahn

Games Leader

Samuel Lee

Tae Kwon Do Leader

Veronica Ahn

Craft leader

Erica Lee

Dance Leader

Joon Eom